German friends of Putin’s plan to exit from the EU: details of the scandal

Немецкие друзья Путина планируют выход из ЕС: подробности скандала

German friends of Vladimir Putin threaten Germany’s withdrawal from the European Union

German far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) wants to join parties that defend Europe against what they consider the “Islamization” says Politek.

According to extreme right, until 2024, the EU needs to be “completely redesigned”. Otherwise, they will insist that Germany should consider leaving the unit.

These items are “Alternative for Germany” has included in its programme. In addition, the AfD calls to reduce the composition of the European Parliament of 100 deputies elected by national parliaments, to refuse European elections and restore the national currency.

“If our fundamental approaches to reform in the existing system, the EU can not be implemented within the same legislative period, the program Committee of the party considers “Dexit” until 2024 is absolutely necessary,” said the German right-wing populists.

AfD is the only among the leading German party, which does not criticize Russia for their aggressive actions and offer to remove their sanctions. In his election program, they do not mention the problem of the settlement of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Russia’s violation of international law, including the annexation of Crimea. On the contrary, the members of the party visited the occupied Peninsula, violating the Ukrainian legislation.