Gérard Darmon reveals the amazing business operated by his wife Christine before their marriage

Gérard Darmon dévoile l'étonnant métier qu'exerçait sa femme Christine avant leur mariage

At 70 years of age, Gérard Darmon saw a beautiful story with his third wife Christine. Together for 18 years, the couple married in 2014 and welcomed a little Lena (1 year and a half) in August 2017. Check out the amazing business operated by the wife of Gérard Darmon when he met her…

Gérard Darmon has had more of a love life. Already the father of three children from two previous marriages – he is the father of Virginia, 50 years, born of his union with Nicole Recoules and Sarah (25 years old) and Julius (age 22), fruit of his marriage with actress Mathilda May – it has started to pamper ! His new wife Christine (45 years old), gave birth in August 2017 and the fourth child of the actor, a little girl named Lena. 70 years ago today, the star of the The City of fear has entrusted to your care in this great family that he is based in the book The dictionary of my life (released on January 9, editions Kero). It rests in particular on his meeting with his current partner… and the business surprising that she was not far from the actor to meet them. If it is not in the middle of the movie, she had a place of choice to share the life of Gérard Darmon.

“Christine, I have not made his acquaintance in an office or on the filming of a movie, or even in the theatre. She comes from a whole other universe, a world that was totally foreign”, wrote Gérard Darmon in the book, and then adds : “Christine was the governess”. If this story has everything a pitch for a romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez, it is, indeed, revelations about the intimate life of the actor. He fell in love with the one who, under his roof, was in charge of the children he had with Mathilda May. “Sarah was two years old when she came into the family and Jules had made his acquaintance since his first day,”he continued.

“What have I seen in it that others have ignored ? A potential intelligence of the heart absolutely phenomenal ! And it is this invaluable resource that nourishes our relationship and helps him to last for more than twenty years”, then wrote the actor, in love as the first day.