George Clooney : from its beginnings to today, the hunk of Hollywood has changed (PHOTOS)

George Clooney : de ses débuts à aujourd'hui, le beau gosse d'Hollywood a bien changé (PHOTOS)

It is beautiful, sexy, cool, famous, happy in a relationship. Do not throw, George Clooney is Mister Perfect or almost. But the favourite of these ladies has changed a lot since its beginnings in the years 80…

What else ? Yes, what else (to paraphrase the famous tagline of a coffee brand which he is the muse), or rather, what’s more ? This is the question that one is led to ask by looking at the career of George Clooney, the handsome american cinema, for a long time the single the most coveted of Hollywood, “the star par excellence. The man is sexy, intelligent, cultivated his image of cool, and does not hesitate to engage unlike many of his colleagues in Hollywood. And, since his marriage with the beautiful Amal, lawyer and international specialist in the great causes he is the embodiment of glamour par excellence, especially since the explosion of Brangelina and the divorce of his friend Brad Pitt.

Side career, everything, or almost, is known. A difficult beginning (and very hairy!), the explosion with his role of the pediatrician Doug Ross in the cult series Emergency, the blockbusters and the transition to roles in more adult and/or policies, with the recognition that accompanies it (Oscar for best supporting role for “Syriana”, an Oscar nomination for best actor for The Descendants). George Clooney, it is also a film director, with movies original and ambitious (Good night and Good luck 2006, The ides of march in 2011). Really, what do you want else ?