Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Jane the Virgin… All those series that stop in 2019 (PHOTOS)

Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Jane the Virgin… Toutes ces séries qui s’arrêtent en 2019 (PHOTOS)

Of Game of Thrones to The Big Bang Theory, passing Jane the Virgin or The Affair, about twenty series will make their farewells in 2019. Find out why in this slideshow of Tv-Entertainment.

Prepare your handkerchiefs, it is 2019 begins ! Each new year also means a Christmas a little bit early for fans of the series. In fact, it is this time of the year that many shows are back and new dramas make their debut on television. And this year again, the start of the school 2018/2019 promises to be rich in new features (A Million Little Things, The Rookie, New Amsterdam…), but also in making reboots a thing (Charmed, Magnum, Roswell). On the other hand, as there is not only good news, it will especially have to prepare yourself to say goodbye to some series that have managed to impose their kind for many years.

Thus, among the fictions that stop in 2019, just as a note, the head of the list, Game of Thrones or The Big Bang Theory. After eight seasons of death, tragedies, and betrayals, the show heroic fantasy success will finally bow out for good (until the arrival of its spin-off). Another announcement that has created the surprise in August 2018, the end of the sitcom with the great Jim Parsons (Sheldon) after twelve seasons of good and loyal services. The side platforms of streaming, here again, the series will close out their adventure as Transparent (Amazon Prime Video), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), or even The Disastrous Adventures of the orphans Baudelaire (Netflix), with Neil Patrick Harris.

The musical series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will sing his last song in 2019 and the events of Jane Villanueva in Jane the Virgin , and Carrie Mathison in Homeland will also come to an end. Remember also, the dissemination of the final chapter of The Affair, which will therefore resume without Ruth Wilson, whose character died in the fourth season. All these series and more are to discover in our slideshow.