Full moon January 21: what will happen, what not to do and how to attract good luck in this day

 Полнолуние 21 января: во сколько произойдет, что нельзя делать и как привлечь удачу в этот день

The first full moon in 2019 will occur on January 21. Interesting is the fact that it will coincide with a lunar Eclipse. Astrologers say that the energy of the heavenly bodies on this day will be as strong.

The first full moon in 2019 will occur on January 21. Interesting is the fact that it will coincide with a lunar Eclipse, reports UNIAN.

Astrologers say that the energy of the heavenly bodies on this day will be as strong. In this period of the cycle the Moon has a very powerful influence on the nature and on the human body. As a result, a growing number of accidents, increases the risk of acute health problems and commit crimes.

When will the full moon in January 2019 and how will it affect people’s lives

In January, the full moon will take place on the 21st at 07:17. It will begin at 05:34, maximum phase of the Eclipse will occur at 07:13.

January 21 full moon the Moon will be in Leo. The energy of this sign will further strengthen the influence of light on people: in this day should be afraid of adventure and to restrain themselves from rash acts, think about every decision.

In addition, on January 21 closed January corridor eclipses, which means that on this day we need to clearly define your goals and plans for the entire year.

Astrologers claim that the full moon and Eclipse of the moon will bring changes in relationships. Danger of the full moon can get people who suffer from toxic relationships – for example, hated the work or a person that you dislike.

What not to do in the full moon

There are a number of prohibitions, when the Moon reaches its peak and becomes full. So, it is impossible to give and to borrow; to quarrel; to plan long journeys; cut hair; to sign important documents.

In addition, our ancestors believed that women should not sleep in the zone of moonlight: so supposedly, you can lose beauty.

Not recommended during the full moon to plan and conduct operations, as may open bleeding, and the wounds will be long lasting.

Also when the moon is full can worsen chronic diseases, emotional and mental state at this time is poor.

It is impossible at full moon to ask for promotion or salary: after that, the boss may be very angry at you and even dismiss.

To avoid the negative influence of the moon, it is best to stay home and rest. You can walk in the Park, play sports, read a book. Go to the movies, analyze their actions and deeds.

The influence of full moon on the Zodiac signs

Full Moon in Leo, as it is believed, promises positive changes for those who want to radically change their life, for example, to move to a new home, a country to change jobs. This is because the lion is a very bold sign, so go for it.

In addition, all signs of the Zodiac need to be careful because the full moon is for all, without exception, marked by a sharp surge of emotion, and it can affect relationships with loved ones and the staff.

Astrologers suggest the full moon day of January 21, to pacify his ardor. And if the energy overwhelms you, and point her in the right direction, make plans for the year, if you haven’t already, take a read, watch the movie.

How to make a wish on the full moon to come true

It is believed that the full moon is one of those magical days when you could make a wish and make plans for the future. We will tell You how to make them fulfilled.

First you need to visualize your dreams – simply put, record of in a notebook. You can create an entire map of dreams using photos and clippings. This should be done in the evening hours before bedtime. Then written or painted should be left on the window sill all night to have it charged by the light of the moon. And – wait! The wish will come true.

And in order to attract money, put it in the room where you sleep on the window sill, a purse with money. So he charged with the light of the full moon. In the morning collect and use as usual.