FSB said the fence built between Crimea and mainland Ukraine

ФСБ заявила о построенном заграждении между Крымом и материковой Украиной

The complex was commissioned

In Russia said that at the border of the occupied Crimea and mainland Ukraine completed the construction boom and set the system alarm sensors.

About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the rossm.

“Crimean border management,” the FSB said that the development of the project started in 2015, and now the complex is put into operation.

Mean that it is reported that the engineering structures are composed of two complexes at a distance of more than 60 kilometers: the first consists of vibration sensors, the second of radiolucency sensors with video cameras night vision and the possibility of a video link.

The FSB argued that the construction boom is connected with “possible attempts of a breakthrough sabotage and reconnaissance groups from the neighboring countries” and to suppress smuggling.