From the tsunami in Indonesia can become extinct rare rhinos

Из-за цунами в Индонезии могут вымереть редкие носороги

If Indonesia collapses new tsunami, there may eventually be extinct Javan rhinos – a species on the verge of extinction.

Reported by the BBC.

Animal rights activists argue that, although representatives of this species lived throughout the jungles of Southeast Asia and India, today their number was reduced to 67 individuals. Moreover, they live exclusively in the national Park of Ujung Kulon.

However, the reserve is located in the area affected by the tsunami that hit the country last week after the eruption of the volcano Anak-Krakatau. The result of the incident many of the buildings of the Park were destroyed, and killed two of his employees.

Since the volcano’s activity remains, the Indonesian authorities have attended to the movement of Javanese rhinos. The Chairman of the Rhino Foundation of Indonesia, Widodo, Sukajadi, Ramona told about the plans to create a second group of rhinos, a part of them settled.

The government, in turn, for several years unsuccessfully engaged in the search for a suitable location.

Earlier in the zoo the United States child fell into the cage with the rhinos.