From South to North Korea went first in the last decade train – news ZIK.UA

З Південної до Північної Кореї поїхав перший за останнє десятиріччя потяг – новини ZIK.UA

From South to North Korea went first in the last decade the train. The decision of the railway lines on the Korean Peninsula, the leaders adopted at the present meeting.

According to DW, during the 18-day trip experts from both Koreas together will travel more than 2,600 miles across North Korea. Overview of the state rail ways have to show what work would be required to upgrade them.

Just went to a trip six cars from South Korea, in particular, the tank 55 tons of diesel fuel to ensure uninterrupted movement of trains, car-generator, car with Seating, a sleeping compartment car, car for meetings, as well as the car with the water for showers and Laundry.

Before the division of Korea in 1948, North-South connected the two rail lines – one in the West, the other in the East.

The restoration of the Western line between the two countries in 2007 was one of the first gestures of reconciliation.

The leadership of both countries suggests that before the end of 2018 will happen the connection of the railroad of the South and the North. Seoul has allocated about 57 million dollars to repair and upgrade the railway infrastructure of the DPRK.

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