Frequent illnesses of children can be associated with hyperopia parents doctor

Частые болезни детей могут быть связаны с гиперопекой родителей - врач

Excessive concern mothers and grandmothers, surrounds the child in very warm clothes, so probably not frozen, often has the opposite result.

This ГолосUA told the pediatrician Tatyana Antonova.

Currently, the incidence of influenza is already approaching its peak, and therefore in the Ukrainian regions begin to close separate classes and schools in quarantine in several areas of study suspended at the city level.

Catching the flu or SARS student easier, because a lot of the time children spend in the company of peers, where it quickly spread any viruses. But if the child “fell” into bed with a temperature, it does not mean that it can be attributed to painful children. But there are students who have already managed to get sick again… In that case, doctors recommend that parents lead their child on a comprehensive survey, strengthen preventive measures, to review his diet and monitor hygiene. But it turns out that the standard rules might be too low, because the resistance of child’s body is affected by many factors, which many parents probably do not even think.

Excessive concern mothers and grandmothers, packing the baby in warm clothes to make sure not frozen, often has the opposite result.

“Poor kid, dressed like cabbage, forced to wear pounds of things, in the end he is sweating quickly and small enough breeze to “proskvozilo”. In addition, excessively warm clothing can cause a failure of thermoregulation mechanisms of the body. And in childhood this is dangerous for the violation of the formation of the musculoskeletal system and the development of dystonia, disturbance of the circulation of the blood,” warned the pediatrician Tatyana Antonova.

The child, of course, need to dress warm and for the weather says the doctor. But it is also important to take into account that he was comfortable and dry.

At children of younger age is better to wear clothes in three layers. The first – necessarily from natural fabrics that will not cause sweating and give the skin “wet”. The second layer is a sweater, jacket, Raglan, or something like that. Well, the third must protect from rain, wind, snow, etc. – that is outerwear. In freezing weather, you can add another layer under a sweater underneath easy to do with Golf.