Fractures is to abstain from meat and tomatoes – the doctor

При переломах стоит отказаться от мяса и томатов - врач

To speed up recovery after fractures, sprains and ligament injuries after falling on a slippery road will help fresh vegetables and fruit, fish products, jelly and jelly.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the surgeon Valentine Brown.

Falls, bruises and injuries – a common occurrence when a slippery road. Reaching home, try to reduce the impact of injury and pain to a minimum. To do so, attach to the injury site something cold. After that, do not be amiss to coat the injury site pain ointment. If the leg or arm started swelling – immediately go to the emergency room, it is likely that some bruising is not done.

“If you avoid the fracture failed, follow all recommendations of the doctor and lean on fish and seafood. In this position, very useful even dried fish which you can eat together with the bone – they have a lot of phosphorus, which is necessary for strong bones. In the daily diet should be present as curd and cheese, which are rich in calcium. Spoil yourself more often with jelly, jelly and jelly – includes zeleinaya components ensure the flexibility of the joints.

Do not forget about vitamin-mineral complexes, and even better – every day eat several servings of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds. But from Solanaceae plants: tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant – you need to drop during the recovery phase. These products contribute to acid accumulation in the joints, which will slow down the healing process. Should also limit red meat – especially beef and lamb. And try to eat less spicy and salty, not to provoke fluid retention, which will create an additional burden on the affected limb, in which during healing the injury and without that blood circulates in slow motion” – suggests the expert.

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