Found the fastest thing on the planet (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Найдено самое быстрое существо на планете (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) 

Researchers of the Technological University of Georgia in the US found the fastest thing on the planet.

It is reported by Naked Science.

It appeared to be worm-like, single-celled Spirostomum ambiguum.

This inhabitant of fresh water with a length of only 4 mm is the simplest locomotion using cilia and contractions of the torso.

Spirostomum ambiguum can move with a speed up to 724 km/h.

While scientists don’t know, making a simple able to develop such a speed. Realizing this, the researchers hope to create a miniature high-speed robots.

Also, earlier it was reported that researchers, led by Paul Jensen found out what bacteria weaken the protection of tooth enamel. Also they can now confidently say, what kind of bacteria is in a person’s mouth is able to protect enamel from decay.

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