Found on the asteroid pyramid caused panic in NASA (VIDEO)

Обнаруженная на астероиде пирамида вызвала панику в NASA (ВИДЕО)

8 September 2016 the us space Agency launched into space interplanetary station “Osiris”, which by next year should reach the surface of asteroid Bennu (101955).

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The device will take soil samples and deliver them to 2023 to the Ground. Price question – $ 1 billion, that’s how much NASA spent to just explore the surface of the cosmic body.

Experts point out that the true reason for the mission is another, hide it from the public. Even the United States such a rich country, would not have to invest huge money in such a senseless projects.

At this point, the station took a number of pictures of the asteroid. Some have been lackluster, while others are told something amazing. Ufologist Scott Waring noticed the object pyramid, which was right in the center of unknown structure square shape. Maybe that’s what NASA was looking for, since even the device itself is called “Osiris” in honor of the king of the underworld in Egyptian mythology.

The last photo was received on 17 August this year, and new pictures, apparently, is not expected. Most likely, NASA does not want people to see something extra.

Earlier, Japanese astronomers showed that the asteroid close up.

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