Found a product that slows the aging process

Найден продукт, замедляющий процессы старения

Mushrooms are a source of antioxidant amino acids ergothioneine

In the white mushrooms contain substances that can slow the aging process in the body. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA), writes Medical News Today.
According to researchers, mushrooms are a source of antioxidant amino acids ergothioneine, which is not produced in the body, reports
Do people get this stuff only from the diet, while in the white mushrooms ergothioneine at least 10 times more than in any other containing products. In addition, mushrooms contain another important antioxidant glutathione.
Antioxidant agents have the ability to control the level of reactive oxygen species, including free radicals in cells. Due to this, they prevent DNA damage, is required for cells molecules and cell membranes.
The aging process in the body is due to accumulation of damage in cells due to oxidation. Thus, the protective effect of antioxidants can slow the aging process.
Important nutrients contained in the white mushrooms are selenium, vitamin D, glutathione and rich in ergothioneine. They all act as antioxidants to mitigate oxidative stress, said scientists.