For Ukrainian consumers, there is no difference to buy gasoline imported or domestic production – expert

Для украинского потребителя нет разницы, покупать бензин импортный или отечественного производства - эксперт

For the Ukrainian consumers it makes no difference what gasoline to buy, domestic or imported.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the ex-President of the “Association of oil market operators of Ukraine” Leonid kosyanchuk.

“Because the prices of domestic producers sometimes higher imported. So to predict something here, we can’t. I’m not even talking about the market factor that regulates the market, it’s supply and demand, but he is not involved”, – the expert added.

According to him, today there is no reason to say that in Ukraine the price for fuel is economically justified.

“Because if the average European spends on their vehicles for daily use from two to 12% of their salary, we have more than 60%, if we take the average salary in Ukraine”, – concluded Leonid kosyanchuk.

As reported, the first week of October spoiled the mood of the Ukrainian drivers: five days of fuel at the pump has risen on the hryvnia. Thus, according to the consulting group “A-95”, the average cost of gasoline A-95 went up from 32.08 UAH/l to 33.03 UAH/liter. Maximum price tags were even higher. For example, in some networks of stations a liter of A-95 costs UAH of 35.49.

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