For three days the pensioner has collected 2.5 million subscribers for your blog (VIDEO)

За три дня пенсионер собрал 2,5 миллиона подписчиков для своего блога (ВИДЕО)

At the end of 2017 retired, Nilsson Isaias has created his own YouTube channel devoted to home, garden care, home.

About it reports “Correspondent”.

In addition, once a week he wrote out the names of all its subscribers and recorded a thank you video.

About a month ago, a blogger began to actively drive your channel, continuing to thank everyone who subscribe.

Apparently, the Nielson Isaias netizens praised the good humor man 3 Feb subscribe from 700 thousand people, and a day later, another 800 thousand.

Currently on channel Nielson of Isaias signed more than 2.5 million people. The man thanked all the new subscribers, but noted that there were a lot of hurtful comments. Members supported the old man, writing that he now has millions of friends.

Also, recall, 9 Dec 2018 in South India died one of the oldest help 107 – year-old Metaname, which led the cooking channel.