For the workers of Poland and Ukraine have become a single economic organism – Ambassador

Из-за заробитчан Польша и Украина уже стали единым экономическим организмом - посол

Ukraine and Poland have already become a single economic organism.

The Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Jan Pieklo, who will soon resign, said in an interview European truth.

“We are constantly growing indicators of bilateral trade. Besides, there is the active presence of Ukrainian citizens in Poland who come to work or study. We already have a situation where Ukraine and Poland have already become a single economic organism,” said Inferno. According to him, Poland can no longer provide its economic development without Ukrainian workers.

“However, the money sent home by these workers is an important factor in the inflow of foreign currency to Ukraine. These people also get experience that will later help them at home, for example — to start their own business. And it is beneficial for both parties”, – said the Ambassador.

By the way, in Poland on the eve of elections in Ukraine decided to change the Ambassador to gain “political representation”. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that the Embassy of Poland in Ukraine may be headed by Deputy foreign Minister Bartosz Tsihotsky.