For the creation of a single local Church are the geopolitical interests of the US – expert

За созданием единой поместной церкви стоят  геополитические интересы США  – эксперт

For the creation of a single local Church in Ukraine are geopolitical interests of the US and Mercantile goals of President Petro Poroshenko.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Andrei Zolotarev.

“Tomos will give Ukraine only after the unification of the Cathedral. The question is, will this Cathedral. Filaret has said that he was a Patriarch and the Patriarch will remain. But the Constantinople Patriarchate, only one Patriarch. In 2008, Bartholomew has traveled to Ukraine with a Tomos, but as ambitions Filaret then this prevented. Bartholomew violated canonical rules, and it says that behind all these is a big geopolitics. The task is to break any ties between Ukraine and Russia. In this context, the end justifies the means, because the anathema should shoot whoever put that on there. In fact, the Patriarchate of Constantinople is not the first time enters into a “geopolitical fornication”. Suffice it to recall the Union supported by Constantinople, and then some monk Vydubitsk monastery bathed in the river. Where is the policy, of Holiness, very few,” said Alexander Zolotarev.

He said that the establishment of one local Church are the geopolitical interests of the U.S. and Mercantile goals Poroshenko

“Ruled by politics, it was possible to speak about the creation of a single local Church, if this was not the geopolitical interests of the US and the Mercantile goals of the President, this idea of trying to enter a second term. This creates the risk that Ukraine may go to another level of the religious conflict that could turn into religious war. Getting Thomas may be the trigger of these events,” summed up Alexander Zolotarev.

Recall the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate decided on the resumption of the canonical status of the primates of the UOC KP (Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate) Filaret and the UAOC (Ukrainian Autocephalous Church) Macarius, according to the Greek edition O citing sources.

Both the Primate sent to the Ecumenical Patriarch your request, after which it was decided.

However, Greek newspaper notes that the details of such a step is still unknown.

In addition, as reported by press Secretary of the UOC-KP yevstratiy Zorya in Facebook, the Synod also recognized the illegal annexation of the Kyivan Metropolitanate of the Russian Church in 1686.

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