For ten months the state budget deficit decreased to UAH 5 billion

За десять месяцев дефицит госбюджета снизился до 5 миллиардов гривен 

For ten months of 2018 state budget of Ukraine was fulfilled with a deficit of $ 4.8 billion UAH.

This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

The General Fund deficit was 10.5 billion UAH.

In the first nine months the deficit of the state budget was 7.3 billion UAH. Thus, the budget surplus in October amounted to UAH 2.5 billion.

The Ministry of Finance indicates that successful negotiations with the IMF contributed to the exit of Ukraine on the international capital markets, which increased external borrowing to Finance the budget deficit in the 10 months to 19.4 billion, or $725 million

According to the Ministry, in January-October 2018 budget revenues grew by 15.4% over the same period of 2017 and built 747,4 billion, or 99.7% of the budget for this period.

Revenues of the General Fund budget in January-October amounted to 673,2 billion UAH 105.1 billion UAH (18,5%) more than last year.

The Ministry of Finance notes that the most significant for the state costs (social, defense and security, debt service) have been funded in full. According to him, all expenditures in January-October-2018 grew in January-October 2018 16.3% to 751,8 billion UAH, including the General Fund – 15.1%, to 687,8 billion.

The cost of debt service has decreased by 8.3% or by UAH 8.3 billion compared with last year.

The transfer to the Pension Fund in January-October 2018 funded at 100% in volume 118,8 billion UAH, which is by 21.1%, or 20.7 billion UAH more than in January-October 2017.

Also, earlier, on 17 September, acting Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova said that the draft State budget for next year is expected to increase social standards by 2%.

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