For eight months over four thousand older people received medical consultations

 За восемь месяцев более четырех тысяч пожилых людей получили консультации врачей

For eight months over four and a half thousand older people received consultations of cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists and ophthalmologists in the framework of the campaign “health Care”. The action in this year was completed in the village Vornicheny Straseni – 29th locality, in which the paramedics arrived.

Michael Luciano 73. The man said that the sight began to deteriorate about 15 years ago, but to the ophthalmologist he never addressed.

“Far don’t see, everything’s hazy, can’t learn. Close seems to be better,” said the patient Michael Lukyan.

And George Grosso in 2014 did heart surgery. Since then, the man regularly seeing doctors, but since the area is not a cardiologist, he has to travel to Chisinau. The man gladly took the opportunity to consult with experts directly in the village.

“Very well, thank you very much. Talked about that worried, asked, maybe you should take something extra to feel better,” said George Grosu.

Doctors say that older people are not always on time go to the doctor.

“Most often we diagnose vision problems, nearsightedness and farsightedness. Many found immature cataract,” said ophthalmologist Juliana Şaptefraţi.

“Some need to have more tests. There are instances when it is necessary to adjust the treatment. Besides, we’re talking about a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition,” said endocrinologist Stele of Voodoo.

In the framework of the campaign “health Care” consultations ophthalmologists received more than eight people, about 120 of them received glasses free of charge.

“We understand that for many the problem to go somewhere, look for a specialized Agency to earn points. And then we brought in a project task to provide glasses for the needy,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the Tezaurul Națiunii Galina Prokop.

Campaign “health Care” was launched in may at the initiative of the Democratic party. The project will continue next year in other towns of the country.