For 9 months in Ukraine recorded about a hundred episodes of poisoning with mushrooms

За 9 месяцев в Украине зафиксировали около полутора сотен эпизодов отравлений грибами

Since the beginning of 2018 to 21 September in Ukraine recorded 11 deaths from mushroom poisoning. In General, the mushrooms this year were poisoned more than a hundred people.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of health.

The main symptoms of mushroom poisoning: disorders of the digestive tract, dizziness, increased body temperature, reduced heart rate, shortness of breath, seizures, the blood rushes from the extremities (cold hands and feet), the emergence of hallucinations and delusions.

“With the appearance of at least one of the symptoms of mushroom poisoning, immediately contact your doctor” – reminded physicians reported already recorded 174 cases.

The most effective advice is to abandon the consumption of wild mushrooms. Also, do not be shy to carefully monitor the hygiene when buying and preparing to write.

“The most effective advice will save you from mushroom poisoning, – refrain from eating wild mushrooms. It is absolutely contraindicated the use of mushrooms for children up to 12 years, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, elderly people”, – reminded the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

Also, the Ministry suggest not to buy mushrooms in natural markets and do not collect them close to trails, businesses, contaminated areas. “To avoid mushroom poisoning, use the rule “day”: cook the mushrooms in the first days after harvest (boiled at least three times for 30 minutes) and store the cooked mushrooms no more than a day”, – stressed in the Ministry of health.

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