Flu epidemic: how to avoid becoming a victim of the virus

Эпидемия гриппа: как не стать жертвой вируса

On the eve of the experts of the Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases them. V. warned Ukrainians that a sharp increase in the incidence of influenza and SARS will start from the second half of January and the peak of the epidemic will be in late January – February.

Earlier, acting health Minister wrote on his page on the social network, which is the only effective prevention of influenza can be considered a vaccination, otherwise you just need to conduct a correct lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Doctor Victoria Savitskaya says the risk of getting the flu depends on the same factors that, in fact, and other diseases, and reduced in the absence of chronic diseases, proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, physical activity and getting rid of bad habits. To the latter, incidentally, include not only Smoking, alcohol abuse and addiction to harmful foods, too lazy to cook at home and constant food in the cafe, irregular hand washing and the habit of picking his nose or rubbing the forehead all contribute to the contamination and increases the risks of Contracting the virus significantly.

Vitamins instead of Immunostimulants

During epidemics increased risk schoolchildren and toddlers in kindergarten, as children’s environment viruses are passed literally lightning fast. Also in jeopardy pregnant women, the elderly and people with somatic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes). They all fall into the high risk area, so monitor their condition and health must be especially careful. First and foremost, you need to get sleep and eat well, making sure the diet was a lot of natural vitamins – vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and lean meats, fish and seafood. But the adjuvants experts are cautious.

“Of course, they enhance the immune system, but daily infusions of rose hips, citrus, different vegetables and fruit supply the body with active substances not worse. Yes and drink the tablets should not from epidemic to epidemic, and the course of the season.

It’s important to eat a balanced and on time. Don’t skip Breakfast – in the winter it is especially important, because you have to go out in the cold, and the body needs energy to keep warm. Beautiful “warm” and supply the body with valuable nutrients and minerals of various cereals – oatmeal, buckwheat (thanks to iron it well “heats”), rice, corn.

For lunch eat hot. Hot flavorful first course – borscht, chicken or vegetable soup, broth with noodles – will saturate and will help to keep warm. To enhance immunity and good digestive tract healthy and natural dairy products. At least once a day drink a glass of kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt.

Citrus, pomegranate, raspberry, rose hips, green onions strengthen the immune system and provide your body with the vitamins, increasing the body’s resistance to viruses,” advises the expert.

Keep your hands away from your face

Etiquette requires ladies to keep your hands away from your face, the same goes for the stronger sex with the exception of some indulgences. It is a rule in the flu season.

“Always “lives” a lot of bacteria, because you are constantly touching the various surfaces, household appliances, rail transport, rails in corridors and so on. It is believed that bacteria can live several hours on surfaces home tables. And in public places, on the rail, in the transport they do not disappear, as is their constant updating,” said the doctor.

The medic joked, during epidemics of etiquette more important than ever. After breaking it and, say, picking his nose, you actually help the bacteria to enter your body, bypassing the resistance of the mucosa. The same can be said about biting the tip of a pencil or – even worse – nails.

In the season of influenza and SARS it is recommended to wash hands with soap as often as possible and certainly before eating, after visiting public places and toilets. Not be amiss to buy pocket antiseptic at your local pharmacy and always carry it with you for when to wash your hands will be nowhere.

It should also refuse to buy street food and drinks in the food tracks, and certainly should not eat them outside on the go.

Place your order

It would seem like neatness and cleanliness can affect the threat of flu. The doctor says that right – because the less removed one or the other surface, the more bacteria it accumulates and dust can also still hold harmful microorganisms.

“Please note that the surface of phones, computer keyboard and so on almost always are literally teeming with bacteria. During acute viral infections is especially dangerous, so train yourself to constantly wipe all the gadgets – tablets, computers, mobile phones, mouse and so on. And for this you should use a special alcohol or disinfectant wipes,” says the doctor.

It is important to try as much as possible to visit mass events, concerts and other places with large concentrations of people.

“If you cannot avoid contact with a sick person, for example, at work, I immediately have to wash the nose with salt water, rinse the throat infusion of chamomile. And ideally, when caring for victims of disease, protect yourself with medical masks,” says the doctor.

Another important rule when working in a larger group and, of course, at home – as often as possible to ventilate the room and carry out wet cleaning.

Keep your feet warm, and the body – in the comfort

In winter, dress is always necessary for the weather and it is desirable to cover the vulnerable areas – the head, ears, neck, etc. But the most important piece of clothing in the cold is shoes.

“Feet should always be warm, and when buying shoes in the first place is to pay attention to her comfort, she should not press your fingers to squeeze the ankles or the Shin, as when poor circulation, the body becomes more vulnerable and worse warm. It is advisable not to wear in the cold high heels for the same reason, especially if you have to spend the whole day at work without changing shoes.

Students it is recommended to bring a change of shoes and the shoes, going to class, to avoid a sudden temperature drop and not sit half the day with wet feet,” – said the expert.

One should not buy children warm shoes size, enough for two seasons. Many parents are trying to save money, considering that the walk to school can be in slightly too big shoes, and there to dress something more comfortable. But the problem is that loose shoes leave much space for cold air, a child’s body is enough for 15 minutes to pick up the disease.

More herbal beverages and eliminate alcohol

Keep warm throughout the day will help warm drinks – herbal decoctions or tea, preferably with lemon. And to strengthen the immune system – a mixture of useful herbs and fruits. Instead of sugar is better to eat a spoonful of honey, which perfectly affects the immune system.

“Honey is not only great prevention of seasonal viral diseases, but also a powerful tool in the fight against them. If a sore throat several times a day, eat a teaspoon of honey, previously holding it in his mouth. During the procedure you may feel sore throat and want to cough – this means that the antibacterial and disinfectant substance began to act.

But make to warm the alcohol strongly recommended – first, it reduces protective functions of the organism, and secondly, gives a false feeling of warmth, which people may simply not feel that it proskvozilo or that he was frozen. Besides, when the action of a hot drink will pass, you will only get colder, but if you catch a cold or catch the virus under the influence of alcohol, a protective reaction of the organism will occur much later than usual time,” says the doctor.

Disinfection of premises

After the room is ventilated, and it should be done as often as possible, disinfect it optionally essential oils.

“As disinfecting the room, you can use aroma lamp with essential oils of lemon and eucalyptus, cinnamon, juniper. Antiviral effect have eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, juniper, spruce, cinnamon and lemon,” says the expert.

Essential oils are also effective remedy for the common cold. Experts recommend peppermint oil and levomenthol who will quickly make breathing easier.

Disease will help scents of geranium, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, lemon balm, mint, cloves, juniper, kaputa.


At the first symptoms of flu, you need to:

– to cancel my day and take sick leave;

– contact a doctor who will prescribe you the right medicines and correct treatment;

– to strictly comply with all recommendations and take medications on time, preferably following the bed rest;

– a lot and often drink mostly hot drinks – tea with honey or raspberries, cranberry juice. Water – choose an alkaline mineral water;

– the room in which the patient is located, need to air, carefully wash all the dishes, and the floors are wiped with a disinfectant;

less to communicate with others, to not spread the infection;

not to bring down the temperature if it’s below 38 degrees Celsius, take antipyretic need only if the thermometer shows above this level.