Five Turkish citizens were sentenced to terms ranging from 11 to 12 years for drug trafficking

 Пятерых граждан Турции осудили на сроки от 11 до 12 лет за наркоторговлю

Five citizens of Turkey, who about a year under preventive arrest on charges of drug trafficking, sentenced. In prison, they will spend from 11 to 12 years. The convicts pleaded not guilty and with the investigation did not cooperate. The court comment is not wanted.

Prosecutors had asked the drug dealers to 21 years of imprisonment. The court sentenced the two to 11 years, and three to 12. Serve time they will be in a closed prison.

“The court accepted the request of prosecutors on the confiscation of vehicles that were used during the crime. According to the court decision confiscated four semi-trailer and two trucks,” – said the Prosecutor Lucia harseni.

According to prosecutors, the investigation was complicated by the fact that the four defendants in the case – relatives.

“Members of the group to each other was trying to cover,” added the Prosecutor Lucia harseni.

The lawyers intend to appeal against the decision of first instance.

In February of this year, prosecutors seized from the convicted more than 80 kilograms of heroin worth five million euros. The drugs were transported from Iran or Turkey and sold in Holland or Germany. This is the most high-profile case about the sale of drugs over the last ten years.

In 2008, police seized 200 kilograms of heroin. Then, the case involved two Turkish citizens and two policemen from our country.