Film bedside, Dikkenek, realization… The cinema of François Damiens (VIDEO)

Film de chevet, Dikkenek, réalisation... Le cinéma de François Damiens (VIDEO)

THE CINEMA OF. François Damiens party this January 17, his birthday. Met at the exit by 2018, My Ket, which he will also sign implementation, the hellion belgian conjured up his memories of the cinema. Selected pieces.

He has made us laughing with his cameras tucked away. He played the momma’s a little perverse in Dikkenek, the real estate agent is terrifying in The first person, the good friend in the arnacoeur, the father magnets (The family Bélier), worried and desperate (The cowboys)… In may 2018, the hellion belgian François Damiens jumped and was behind the camera with My ket, giving the viewer what he knows to do best, and who has revealed to the public 20 years ago : the hidden cameras, which capture the reactions of real anonymous.

The film tells the story of a con artist, Dany Versavel, which tries to reconnect the connection with his son, Sullivan, a teen of 15 years. Also, does he escape from prison to find him and complete his education. A learning in his image, between cavales, dirty tricks and small joys of life… All at once funny, irreverent, and irresistible, this comedy tour in Belgium and co-written with Benedict Marriage, reveals a François Damiens metamorphosed, and, in fact, unrecognizable, to “trap” the anonymous, the real stars of his film.

When the promo of the film, we wanted to learn more about the cinematic tastes of François Damiens. His first film discovered in rooms in his new role of director, his film’s bedside in the cult movie Dikkenek, the actor-comedian, and filmmaker tells us all !