Fatigue and low physical activity increase the risk of a child catching the flu – pediatrician

Переутомление и низкая физическая активность повышают риски ребенка подхватить грипп - педиатр

The lack of physical activity, the workload in schools and the lack of fresh age has a negative impact on the immune system of children and increases the risks of getting the flu.

This ГолосUA told the pediatrician Tatyana Antonova.

Modern children often play computer games than on the playgrounds. This is partly kompensiruet with a passion for sports, attending sports clubs. The main thing – that the baby was moving, not sitting in front of a TV or computer all day.

“If a child wants to engage in the sports section, do not forbid this. Many mothers worry that the child is injured, someone is going to hit him etc. But from it nobody is insured. Classes should be held under the supervision of an experienced coach who will bring all the dangers to a minimum. In addition, the lack of movement in childhood – much more dangerous than some bruises and abrasions”, – assured the expert.

If the child is interested, teach him at least to do exercises every morning and make it a rule to walk the whole family at least several times a week in the Park or just down the street, but as warmer – you can plan picnics, hikes in the woods, picking berries and so on. Such a simple measure will significantly reduce the risk of catching the disease.

Another cause of a weak immune system is stress.

Often the parents complaining about the daily stresses, have no idea what their child is going through the same thing and forget that he lives on this planet, in the country and the city. But unlike adults, the child’s mind is less secure.

Experts believe that immunity, especially among children, undermine not only the weather but also the banal stress. Moreover, the child is often far more than adults, and all because children are prone to react badly to criticism and injustice and have not built up a “protective shell” from life’s troubles.

“Acute stress in school children can be caused by both physical fatigue (because the children of today, in addition to school, to visit several sections), and psychological condition or even pressure from relatives.

School age children are very sensitive to “dislike” classmates, quarrels with peers, teachers criticism and do suffer from any such trouble. All this negatively affects the condition of the body and as a result, their immune system,” said the doctor.

The expert also reminded that the best remedy for stress is a Frank conversation with a loved one. The task of good parents is to become those people that the kid in the first place to turn to for help and whose advice will become crucial.