Father Megan Markle gave a new interview: “This I made her a duchess!”

Father Megan Markle gave a new interview: "This I made her a duchess!"
Father Megan Markle gave a new interview: “This I made her a duchess!”
Since Megan Markle became a member of the royal family, she is responsible for every word and action she is doing in public. What can not you say about her father, 74-year-old Thomas Markle, who does not get tired of giving out interviews to new and new tabloids. This time the man said that he was literally cut off from communicating with his daughter.

Yesterday he talked with journalists of The Daily Mail and complained that he was upset, because now he has no opportunity to contact Megan.

It hurts me that she cut me off completely. Usually I had a phone number of her personal assistants in the Palace for calls and messages. But after I said a few critical remarks about how the royal family changed Megan, they cut me off,

– said Thomas Markle.

He also commented on his interview for the show Good Morning Britain, in which he said that the children of Prince Harry and Megan could soon be expected.

Megan, apparently, was offended at me for what I said about the baby. But she herself has spoken the last six or seven years about how much she wants to have her own family. Harry said the same thing. This is normal. But as soon as I said this, at the same moment, persona non grata became persona,

Complained the father of the duchess.

However, now Thomas is not so supportive towards his daughter, and his statements are becoming more harsh. He does not just talk about Megan in an interview, but also gets money for it, using the fact that he has “exclusive” information.
I’m on the verge of exhausting the limit of my patience with Megan and the royal family. They want me to be silent, they want me to leave. But I will not remain silent. I refuse to remain silent. I’m annoyed by the sense of superiority that Megan has. She would be nothing without me. I made her the duchess she is now. Everything that Megan represents, I created myself,

Said the man.

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