Fashion in Instagram: the top 5 most popular star poses for photos – from “barbie” to “giraffe”

Fashion in Instagram: the top 5 most popular star poses for photos - from "barbie" to "giraffe"
Fashion in Instagram: the top 5 most popular star poses for photos – from “barbie” to “giraffe”
It’s not a fact that stylish onions and luxury brands in the frame will surely bring a lot of likes: bloggers have to master the art of posing in front of the camera perfectly. The fashion for certain poses is rolled on Instagram just like fashion on podium trends: bloggers keep an eye on them carefully and try to repeat them. Well, of course, they are the main trendsetters. At the end of the summer, SPLETNIK.RU decided to recall what poses for photos enjoyed this year a special success.

1. Barbie feet

Pose definitely became a hit this summer, because it’s just made for seductive beach photos. The desire of bloggers and stars to copy the image of a plastic doll is understandable: having frozen in this position, you can visually grow by a couple of centimeters and, accordingly, extend your legs. To create the perfect posture, you have to put one foot forward, leaning on your fingers.

However, users of the social network quickly began to try and various variations, for example, straighten both legs, and deliberately set aside one of them. The main thing here is to achieve the effect of a fixed position, like the real Barbie. The main master class of the summer was given by Kendall Jenner in the company of her star friends.

2. Giraffe Baby (Baby giraffe)

Perhaps the second most popular pose of this summer, whose name was given by Eva Chen, director of fashion partnerships in Instagram. To some extent, a new trend in posing can be called the next stage in the development of Barbie pose, at least, they pursue one goal: to make the legs more slender and longer. To repeat it, it is necessary to address not to fashion magazines or catalogs of firm Mattel, and to include any channel about the world of the wild nature. The name is not just a beautiful metaphor, but quite a concrete observation. The model puts one foot forward so that the feet are approximately on the same line: this pose is a bit like the first attempts of a newborn giraffe to climb and run.

3. Headache pose

It seems that the stars do not flirt when they say that it’s sometimes difficult to be famous. Have time to follow all the trends, attend social events, shoot for fashion magazines and go to the podiums – from such a schedule, anyone who wants a head will go around. Or, at least, it hurts. But do not immediately regret overworked celebrities, who flooded your tapes in Instagram. In fact, such a pose, they tend to cause not sympathy, but, of course, admiration. Only the center of attraction of attention is no longer a figure, but a face. It is not surprising that the motivator of the trend was the makeup artist Nam Vo. This pose tightens the face, makes the cheekbones more prominent and raises the eyebrows. Such an instant non-surgical brace is enough for a spectacular photo.

I love this pose, because hands beautifully frame the face, in addition, you can show off your manicure,

– explained Waugh.

Such priorities seem to be close to many celebrities. This trend already has an even more advanced version. You can make the picture more dramatic if you pull the skin on one temple so that the eye is narrowed. This attitude was beloved by Belle Hadid and Kylie Jenner.
4. With widely spaced legs (Woman-Spreading)

This trend appeared at the very end of last year, and Internet experts predicted a great future and leading positions in 2018. And, I must say, have not lost. The pose became the natural response of the female Instagram-community to the strengthening of the feminist movement. While on the red carpet within the framework of the #MeToo action, the stars drew attention to the problems of violence through fashion, choosing entirely black outfits, bloggers in the social network decided to fight with patriarchal attitudes poses. Wide-set legs and knee squats are now not about frowning guys from the city’s outskirts, but about Kayu Gerber, Kendall Jenner, Haley Baldwin and other young stars.

5. Bambi

An innocent name should not be misleading, because behind it is one of the hottest poses! Such pictures bring bloggers tens of thousands of likes – it’s no wonder that the trend turned out to be a long-liver. In honor of the cartoon deer, the pose was called Elle magazine – legs bent under him, and, truth, reminded of how Bambi was pushing his hoof.

However, this summer the “Bambi” pose has undergone some changes. Now it is fashionable to widen your legs more (straddling) or kneel. A new life in the trend started largely thanks to Selfie Kim Kardashian and endless pictures in the bikini of Emily Ratjakovski.

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