Fashion in Instagram: 5 accounts of bloggers-twins, which are united not only by appearance, but also by style

Fashion in Instagram: 5 accounts of bloggers-twins, which are united not only by appearance, but also by style
Fashion in Instagram: 5 accounts of bloggers-twins, which are united not only by appearance, but also by style
Gemini – the theme is almost magical. Their presence in a film or an advertising campaign will almost certainly enhance the public’s interest, simply because it’s curious. The dark times of the Middle Ages, when twins and their mothers were burned at the stake, long ago passed, and now the twins are more likely to have fits of tenderness rather than sacred horror. The fashion industry, of course, enjoys this. Sisters Ruth and May Bell together walk the podiums of the most eminent fashion houses, Sister Simi and Hayes Harda conquer Instagram. SPLETNIK.RU collected accounts, where you can still get a double dose of stylish bows.

1. @ guesstudio

Sabrina and Sarah Gessab come from Paris, but have long felt at home in other fashionable capitals of the world. Both sisters adore bright colors, a mixture of prints and with pleasure add to their images the mood of the 90’s. Impressive hairstyles of two twins do not leave them any chance to remain unnoticed. Sister’s fashionable notes lead from different parts of the world: now Sabrina lives in Rio de Janeiro, and Sarah studies in London.

2. @ theroyaltwins

Bella and Chloe became famous when they were four years old, in 2015. Fashion magazines fell under the charm of babes, flaunting with bags of Chanel, as well as trying on themselves images of cult figures in the fashion world, like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. Photos of girls collected a lot of likes from celebrities, and Kim Kardashian even left a comment, calling them cute. Today, sisters lead a life typical for all fashion-influenza: they travel a lot, advertise clothes of different brands in the blog, rest in fashionable resorts and still communicate with the celebrity on equal terms.

3. @ lara_mara_sheila

There are actually three sisters in this blog: together with twins, their older sister Sheila appears in the photo, but 12-year-old Lara and Mara stand out even in their community. The thing is that girls born in Guinea-Bissau are albinos. Unusual beauty of sisters to the world was opened by the photographer Vinnitsius Terranova, who invited them to his project “Rare flowers”. Since then, twins like hot cakes. Today girls live in Sao Paulo and work as models.

4. @ beckermanblog

Be careful when opening this account. In the eyes can not only double, but ripple! Canadians Kailianna and Samantha Beckerman adore vivid colors and knowingly are friends with Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino. Cartoon style brands perfectly complement their wardrobe, composed mostly of clothes found in flea markets. Sisters are not only experienced bloggers, but, unlike many infusions, can boast of a special education: both graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. There also studied Michael Kors, and Kelvin Klein, and editor-in-chief Elle Nina Garcia.

5. @ thehesstwins

Blog of 25-year-old Boston twins Ashley and Cat Hess – it’s an ode to street style and the destruction of stereotypes about blondes as lovers of everything rosy and cute. It rules black, oversize and cultured styles among young fashionistas like Heron Preston, Off-White and Supreme. The sympathy for the sporting style may come from the family: the mother of the girls has been meeting for many years with the head coach of Boston’s main football club The New England Patriots, whose sister’s matches are regularly visited.

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