Famous Russian singer lost the baby

Известная российская певица потеряла ребенка

Russian singer, a graduate and finalist of the TV project “star Factory 2”, participant of “Eurovision 2004” Julia Savicheva gave an interview in which he made a Frank admission.

About it the actress said in the program “Sincere conversation with Jasmine.”

Savicheva admitted that earlier she was pregnant, but the child failed to save. Julia kept this event from the public.

The tragedy of the actress happened 6 years ago. The star continued to work during pregnancy and did not spare himself. About the interesting position of the singer found out by accident.

“In the midst of another tour, after feeling unwell, took a test and found out she was pregnant. Sasha was happy. One of the first who shared his joy was Maxim Fadeev,” said the singer.

The artist did not consider it necessary to stop working because I felt good. She was ready to go on maternity leave only when she could not physically bear a heavy schedule.

“The term was small, I continued to work. At the moment when the accident occured, I am very superficial attitude to this thought, that all by itself happens and nothing bad will happen,” admitted Savicheva.

After that the second pregnancy of the stars was not easy, and weight after it was reset easy.

Savicheva soon learned that pregnant again. When the singer at the clinic opened the envelope with the test results, you are unable to hold back the tears. She gave birth to a daughter. Savicheva married 23 Oct 2014 composer Alexander Arshinova, with whom he met in 2003. The last few years, the couple live in Portugal.

Also, earlier, TV presenter Regina todorenko, who a month ago gave birth to a son, told about how he had her first pregnancy.