Famous Chinese brand sells smartphones with viruses

Известный китайский бренд продает смартфоны вместе с вирусами

The malware collected personal information from gadgets

Known Chinese company TCL, which owns the rights to the brands Alcatel, Blackberry, and Palm, has appeared in the scandal center from-for unfair policy towards consumers.

Experts of the British company Upstream found that TCL sets for all smartphones malicious application Simplicity Weather, which, though showing the weather, but infected with the virus, reports segodnya.ua.

On closer examination, it turned out that the Weather app Simplicity collecting “sensitive personal data” about users of mobile devices and transmit them to servers located on the territory of China, whose membership to install and failed. Among the personal data includes email, information about all their travels and IMEI identifiers infected devices. In some countries, the app is not only gathered information about their victims, but also tried to get a paid subscription to various services.

In the case where an application was unable to start making on the user, signing a paid service, it changed their focus and started to show ads in the background. In addition, the application opened the web browser, moving through the various pages and most clicked on ads. These actions have led to premature discharge of infected devices, and also reduced the available to users Internet traffic.

It is known that the application in question, predustanavlivat on the model of Alcatel Pixi 4 and A3 Max. On other cases, PE is a dangerous Trojan was not reported. However, TCL spread its offspring through Google Play where it has accumulated over 5 million downloads, and that means a few million new victims, for the carelessness which you can earn.