Family passion: in Brazil, an elderly couple buried alive a daughter-in-law (PHOTOS)

Семейные страсти: в Бразилии пожилая пара живьем похоронила невестку (ФОТО)

In Brazil, the elderly parents of the former wife Marcia Miranda, a 60-year-old Maria Isilda and her 62-year-old husband, Fernando de Oliveira killed his daughter-in-law to get custody of grandchildren. The reason for the brutal murders was the fear of grandparents never see the grandchildren — four boys and nine-month-old girl, who after the divorce had to stay with mom.

This writes the newspaper Metro.

41-year-old Marcia Miranda was in the process of divorce with the son of an elderly couple. The parents of her husband were afraid that, if the court will leave the grandchildren with Marcia, they will not see them anymore. To get custody of the children they decided to get rid of Marcia and developed a detailed plan for her murder.

Father-in-law and mother-in-law lured the woman to a meeting under the pretext that they are going to open a Bank account for children. And also offered to inspect the house that they rented ostensibly for daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

The house, located on the outskirts of são Paulo, Marcia children came by car. When the woman distracted, the elderly father-in-law and mother-in-law hit the back of her head. The body of a woman unconscious, they threw in a pre-dug hole with a depth of 1.7 meters in the courtyard and on top of poured concrete. According to police, Marcia was buried alive.

According to the newspaper, an elderly couple rented the property for three weeks before the murder. Renting a house was part of the plan brutally murdered by sister-in-law. A few days before the crime, they also acquired the necessary tools and building materials.

When the disappearance of a woman began to investigate the police, the husband and wife claimed that the daughter “was kidnapped by some criminals on the car”. However, this was contradicted by the surveillance footage and witness statements.

As the familiar saying of the suspects, they loved children and wanted to raise them as their own. They even told the grandchildren that they not call them “grandma and grandpa” and “mom and dad”. According to police, the father of the children did not know about the intentions of the parents to the murder of his wife was not involved.

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