Families of the victims of MH17 asked trump to get Putin the truth about the disaster – news ZIK.UA

Сім’ї жертв катастрофи MH17 попросили Трампа домогтися від Путіна правди про катастрофу – новини ZIK.UA

Families of those killed in the crash Malaysian “Boeing” near Donetsk sent to the President of the United States Donald Trump a letter with a request to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to reveal detailed information about the circumstances of death of the liner.

This is with reference to the letter according to “Novaya Gazeta”, – the “Medusa”.

Relatives of the victims called the position of Moscow as “an obvious attempt to hide (the truth) about what happened.” They recalled that attempt by Riyadh to hide the murder of a Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi the U.S. President called “the worst cover-up traces in history.” “Recognizing that we don’t know all the facts, we think that you are right. And we can also talk about the killing of 298 people on Board MH17, which is in the same category with murder Khashoggi),” – said in the letter.

“President Putin is working hard to restore respect for the Russian people and to go down in history as a great statesman. If he really is, he must understand that concealment (of truth), especially evident in such serious crimes like the attack on MH17, works against the achievement of its goals,” write the relatives of the victims, noting that “it is never too late to atone for (guilt)”.

Recall, Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin is scheduled to hold a full meeting during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, which will take place from 30 November to 1 December. They must also meet in Paris on 11 November at events in honor of the 100th anniversary of the First world war.

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