Exposed in a negative light: the Widow of the mayor of Gdansk channel accused of the death of her husband

Выставляли в негативном свете: Вдова мэра Гданьска обвинила телеканал в смерти мужа

The wife of the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich, who was killed on stage during a charity concert, according to the Polish public broadcaster TVP is responsible for the murder of her husband, since a long time in the programs of the channel was exposed in a negative light.

About Magdalena Adamovich said in an interview

“It is the responsibility of TVP. I think so. The language of hatred, the method of delivery influenced the killer, who chose Paul the victim. My husband was killed, the words”, – said the widow of the mayor of Gdansk.

Earlier in broadcaster TVP has announced that it will file a lawsuit against everyone who will call them responsible for the death of Adamovich. “Let them sue me,” commented Magdalena Adamovich.

The Polish opposition has long accused the TVP in that they have become the mouthpiece of the authorities. The leadership of the opposition party Civic platform has called on its members to sderzhalsya from participation in the programs of TVP.

Recall, attacked with a knife the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich explained their actions revenge for the torture in prison.

Paul Adamovich was the mayor of gdańsk since 1998. In November last year, he was re-elected for a new term.