Explosion in Paris: there is information about the victims

Взрыв в Париже: появилась информация о пострадавших

As a result of a gas explosion in the store on the street Trevise in Paris four people were killed, at least 47 were injured.

Such data was sounded by the Minister of internal Affairs of France Christophe Castaner, according to TV channel BFM.

“The tragic explosion killed four people-two firefighters and two civilians. 10 people are in critical condition, one of them is a fireman… In a relatively serious condition are 37 people “, – said the Minister, who already twice today visited the site of the explosion.

He noted the actions of the firefighters, who “were able to save their comrades, one and a half hours under the rubble.” The rescuers are risking their own lives.

In turn, the Paris Prosecutor’s office denied the information of Castaner, claiming two victims. The data on the number of victims were identical.

All evacuated residents were provided with temporary housing. It is expected that work at the blast site will continue during the day.