Experts told which careers allow you to travel a lot

 Эксперты рассказали, какие профессии позволяют много путешествовать

The experts made a rating of the professions that allows you to travel as much as you want, according to Skyscanner.

Every third Monday of January is known worldwide as the most depressing day of the year: the holidays are over, vacation is not soon, it’s cold and dark. This affects 70% of Russians who celebrate the spleen, associated with the necessity to return to work after long Christmas holidays,RIA Novosti reported.

Psychologists call this condition postoppussy syndrome. The experts note that on the day of the depression has a maximum peak of the searches of the tickets.

Service surveyed more than thousands of travelers, figuring out what profession they would like to have to travel as much as they wish.Almost a third (28%) of respondents admitted that they would like to develop my own travel blog and share with your subscribers with useful information about interesting locations, restaurants and local life.

The second popular profession freelancer (18%). People are willing to remotely to write articles, create websites or design. The third best job in the world for travelers, according to the Russians, is a photographer (14%).Many travel around the world and discover new places allows the job guide (or are not summarized), I believe 9% of respondents. The same number of respondents believe attractive a job as a pilot or flight attendant.

Also in the list of classes for those who want to travel, the Manager of an international company, housesitter (the person who looks after the house during check-out owners), tutor, instructor diving or surfing, animator in a hotel or an amusement Park.