Experts NABOO revealed an overpayment of $ 15 billion hryvnia according to the formula Rotterdam+

Эксперты НАБУ выявили переплату в 15 миллиардов гривен по формуле Роттердам+

The Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik said that professionals who were involved in the investigation of the case “Rotterdam+”, confirmed the overpayment of $ 15 billion hryvnia, but the consequence does not exclude the possibility of pressure on the experts.

He said this at a parliamentary Committee on combating corruption, answering a question of the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko on the prospects of this production in part of the presentation of suspicions, reports “Economic truth”.

“I remember a situation in the case of backpacks (case of purchase of backpacks for the national guard, which featured the son of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov – ed.) when the expert who did the examination, there was production and obtained permission to search him. And it was all done by the police,” – said Sytnik.

According to him, an important moment of truth in this matter is to be evaluated.

“The so-called “edit Lozovoy” sends us into a state institution, and we have no guarantees that these experts in government agencies there is no pressure. We understand this and will go”, – said the Director of the iabu.

He added that in his opinion, THE NABOO have enough materials to make “specific findings” in this matter.

Earlier, the National anti-corruption Bureau began a preliminary inquiry into the fact of abuse of official position of officials of NERC through the so-called “Rotterdam +”.

The Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik declared that the so-called “Rotterdam+” used illegally relatively large amounts of coal.

As reported, in March 2016, the national regulatory Commission of energy and utilities adopted a new method of determining the wholesale market price for electricity. This is the price at which the TPP sell electricity in the market. In it, in particular, takes account of the price of coal.

According to the new methodology, the cost of coal production coal-thermal power generation is calculated according to the formula “cost of coal in the port of Rotterdam plus the cost of delivery to Ukraine”.

Due to the use of a new formula of thermal generation, including the generation of DTEK Rinat Akhmetov and the state “Centrenergo”, began to sell electricity more expensive.

Earlier, the Chairman of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU) Oksana Krivenko said that the formula “Rotterdam+” not only inhibits the growth of tariffs for the population and industry, but also have already saved 40 billion hryvnia.

Also, recall that on 17 August, the employees of NAB came with a search warrant in the building of the National Commission on regulation of the electricity sector and utilities in the case associated with the adoption of the so-called formula “Rotterdam+”.

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