Experts have named more than half of the installed computer programs vulnerable

 Эксперты назвали более половины установленных компьютерных программ уязвимыми

Avast analyzed data from 163 million computers around the world.

More than half (55%) are installed on the computers programs are outdated, which they become a threat to security. This was reported in their study, the company Avast software in the field of information security,reports TASS.

These findings assistants made after analyzing the information received from 163 million computers that have installed the company’s products around the world.

“55% of all software obsolete. The user installs the latest updates, making the program vulnerable to security risks, incompatibility and other problems”, – the experts of Avast. Experts urged users not to miss the updates, especially if we are talking about browsers or mail programs.

Experts told that, for example, in may 2018 in an updated version of the archiver 7-ZIP was fixed a bug that could prevent a hacker attack or malicious code to execute.

The top three programs that the users least likely to upgrade, included a multimedia platform Adobe Shockwave (its not updated 96% of users), VLC Player (94%) and Skype (94%).