Experts have discovered the healing properties of beer

Эксперты обнаружили целебные свойства пива

Experts from the German University of Erlangen — Nuremberg found in the composition of the beer ingredients that have a positive impact on human health.

The study is published on the University website.

We are talking about a chemical compound xanthohumol and contained in the hop ISO-alpha-bitter acids. Xanthohumol able to influence the prevention of fatty liver that occurs when your diet is wrong and is called overweight. The substance also prevents the formation of scars on the tissues of the body.

Xanthohumol can destroy cancer cells in the liver and prevent the acquisition of excess weight.

ISO-alpha-bitter acid, in turn, inhibit the development of liver damage. In addition, they have a positive effect on glucose metabolism and processing fat.

About how much you need to drink beer in order to successfully fight against obesity, diabetes, and cancer, can find out with further research.

Experts note that the positive impact of the described substances can be provided only by drinking non-alcoholic beer and other cholesteremic products.

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