Expert on blocking of agricultural products on the BONDS: the entrepreneurs can buy cars, but it will create an emergency situation

Эксперт о блокировке аграрной продукции на УЗ: предприниматели могут купить вагоны, но это создаст аварийную ситуацию

If Ukrainian farmers want to establish the export of grain and other agricultural products from storage sites, they may have to buy the cars or locomotive for traveling on the paths of “Ukrzaliznytsia” (UZ). But this can lead to an emergency situation on the railway.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said the head of the Analytical center for socio-economic studies. Grushevsky Alex Doroshenko.

“Here you need a comprehensive solution, but it is not produced (by the parties of a conflict situation – ed). There is a proposal that in Ukraine in General allow trains with private electric or thermal engines. But it’s not really a good solution, because the whole European experience shows, they say that the thrust (Lokomotiv Moskva) is still a monopoly,” says the analyst.

At the same time, says A. Doroshenko, to secure wagons, farmers can purchase them.

“Anyone can buy their own, say, 10 cars that can count and actually use. But I guess they don’t want. Because if the car is private, it does not mean that your cars then you will return back. No. After downloading you can return them in 30 days and these 30 days, they will “run” on another part of the country. There are so many questions that need to be addressed… and how they will be able to return quickly from one station, for example, in Odessa, in Kharkov, if there is no locomotive is not? Or, for example, is in the reverse movement of the boom, the path of the downloaded and now they are unable to delay. So your cars will be attached to the other structure, and then provide you with other cars, and the same. Here the scheme is complex,” said A. Doroshenko.

However, he added that international experience of the use of private locomotives on the railway showed that this leads to a crash.

“But if the locomotive is uncertified, it will create problems. Because the locomotive is under the control of people who are not included into structure “Ukrzaliznytsya”. We’re not see we have a massive wrecks on the railroad, and when the way was released a private appetite, it has led to accidents,” – said the analyst.

Earlier it was reported that because of the closed railway stations in Ukraine the owners of grain elevators and other manufacturers in August 2018 can’t send tens of thousands of tons of products. According to the expert of the public campaign “Europetrol” V. Konovalov, in 2018 the problem with the speed of cargo handling in Ukrainian ports-they do not have time to do it. This circumstance leads to the fact that freight cars remain on the tracks, before reaching the ports.

Ukrzaliznytsia also confirmed that as at August 30, 2018, for the Ukrainian ports, the actual problem with the speed of adoption of cargoes: they cannot handle the volume coming in by rail of goods. Accordingly, the wagons “Ukrzaliznytsia” remain on the railroad tracks awaiting shipment in the ports.

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