Expert: disease of the stomach often develop from an insecure and angry people

Эксперт: болезни желудка чаще развиваются у неуверенных в себе и озлобленных людей

Professionals psychosomatica sure that the disease often provoke negative emotions and complexes.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the psychologist Ekaterina Tishchenko.

Often, people with gastro-intestinal diseases is in limbo, life lacks certainty, there is a sense of hopelessness and doom.

“Gastric ulcer affects those who are prone to anger, and even hatred, in addition it can develop from feelings of inferiority, of fear and not the ability to fend for themselves. The disease also contributes to irritability, especially when people cannot openly Express their grievances (e.g., conflict with boss or a quarrel with her husband, which suffer for the sake of the family). Therefore psychologists recommend everyone to learn how to openly Express their dissatisfaction, to be able to prove your point while maintaining a calm and balanced” – said the expert.

Heartburn is a signal of suppressed fear and the inability to tolerate certain events (like products with heartburn), which can not be avoided. This often also happens to be the result of the aggression, which cannot escape and discontent that constantly scrolls in my head, but has no outlet.