Expensive gasoline: the fuel policies demonstrates the power of absolute inactivity – expert

Дорогой бензин: В вопросах топливной политики власть демонстрирует абсолютное бездействие - эксперт

Protests against the rise in petrol prices in Ukraine is purely political action, not iMedia nothing to do with the price of fuel at filling stations.

Such opinion during the press-conference in information Agency “ГолосUA” said the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.

According to the expert, from year to year raised the issue of rise in price of gasoline, and the reasons for its occurrence do not change, nothing new to say.

“Protests against rising gasoline prices (October 11, was held to protest “Boycott the price of gas.”– Ed.) – this is purely a political action, which has nothing to do with fuel prices at filling stations. We must act within the law and not to disturb the residents of large cities to move freely,” – said V. Zemlyansky.

The expert noted that the economic factors of price growth are, first, fuel prices in the European markets, and the second factor is the stability of the national currency, since there is a tie fuel prices to exchange rate. As you know, this summer marked increase in the price of oil and changed the quote of the hryvnia. The third point is the excise tax on gasoline, which is 213,5 EUR per 1000 liters of gasoline.

“It is necessary to decompose the structure of gasoline prices and tax structure for fuel. In recent years, the excise tax on gasoline increased from € 110 to € 213,5,” – said V. Zemlyansky.

The expert also added in relation to the political factor influence on the price of gasoline, that is the absolute inaction of the government in matters of fuel policy.

“The government is now engaged in a little coal, but there is no dialogue between the authorities and market players. It does not matter – hard dialogue or aimed at peace and friendship. There is no dialogue. It questions the inaction of the Ukrainian power, which lasts 4 years,” he said.

According to V. Zemlyansky, a former totalitarian government established price limits on fuels by the state. The consumer and the market players could then see which corridor we’re moving. Now, the government insured fixed the excise tax on gasoline in the currency in Euro.

We will remind, in Ukraine on 11 October, held a protest “Boycott the price of gas.” From 9 to 10 a.m. the driver stopped on the road and honked, expressing dissatisfaction with the rising prices of fuel for cars.

According to organizers, its purpose is also to warn about the inadmissibility of deterioration of living standards of ordinary citizens.

The initiative was supported by not only the owners of cars but also the drivers of taxis and buses, trucks.

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