Exhibition “Made in Moldova”

 Открылась выставка "Сделано в Молдове"

450 manufacturers gathered this year the exhibition “Made in Moldova”. The products – from food to furniture, brought from all over the country.

Most of the visitors were in the food pavilion.

“There are cheeses with spices, pepper, garlic. A lot of buyers, and the greatest demand is for pork and Adyghe” – said the businesswoman Lily Montanita.

“It’s mustard honey, bees collect it on the mustard fields. It is very useful, strengthens the immune system, it is recommended to relieve respiratory ailments,” said the Manager of the company for the production of honey Vyacheslav Bovary.

Came to the exhibition and craftsmen. Basil Potter Potter from the village of Hoginesti brought a giant vase, over which worked more than a month.

“When you have families, wives choose pots for cabbage, my, salad bowls, and the men immediately stop at bottles of vodka, wine jugs,” said Potter Basil Potter.

“This is a cover for the car seat, made of two pieces of sheepskin, with elastic bands for fastening. People like to buy. 600 lei thing,” said people’s artist Dmitry Zaporozhan.

Many visitors left the exhibition with full bags.

“The prices here are lower than in the markets and in shops. And a great choice”.

“Have just bought the products. Tea, cookies, dried fruits, all locally produced”.

The exhibition will be open until 3 February.