“Exactly!”: the press Secretary of Patriarch Kirill was allowed to call him “father Alexander” – news ZIK.UA

The press Secretary of Patriarch Kirill answered “Yes!” to the question of whether to call him “father Alexander”.

It is reported Gordon.

«Так точно!»: прес-секретар патріарха Кирила дозволив звертатися до нього «отець Олександр» – новини ZIK.UA

Video 11 October in the air of Federal TV channel “Russia 1” TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, presenting in the Studio the press Secretary of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Cyril Alexander Volkov, said: “I am unable to call you “father?”. Wolves replied: “exactly!”. (answer “Yes” use in the army instead of the civilian “so”).

According to Wikipedia, wolves in 1999 he entered the daytime Department, the faculty of Philology of Lomonosov Moscow state University, Department of Byzantine and modern Greek Philology. That same year he began to serve in the temple and make a career in the Church.

After July 2004, when the wolves finished the faculty of Philology, he was drafted into the army, he served in the units of the space forces, a military unit 26179. And 18 October 2005 was ordained to the diaconate and a month later joined the staff of a Church in Moscow.

According to the Handbook of strategic missile forces, in/h 26179 also called the 9-th separate naval command and measurement complex (9th Ω KVN). Ships of the complex was in 1995 removed from the defense Ministry to the Russian Federal space Agency (“Roscosmos”). And 9 th TH KVN disbanded in April 1995.

As previously reported, the UOC has gone on open confrontation with the Patriarch.

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