Ex-husband killed his wife and for months it led social network

Экс-супруг убил жену и месяцами вел ее соцсети

In India, a man killed his ex-wife and more than six months led her social network to conceal her death.

About it reports “RIA Melitopol”.

In early June, Rahi Shrivastava of city Gorakhpur, state of Uttar Pradesh, went to Nepal with her new husband and has not returned from wedding trip. Worried relatives of a woman filed a police report about her disappearance at the end of the month. However, investigators are confused, that in the social networks of Indian women continued to appear in new publications.

Initially, the police suspected of the crime wife woman. However, in October they were able to detect mobile phone Srivastava. This was the main evidence against her ex – husband, the famous surgeon of Dharmendra Pratap Singh. Police found out that he was in Nepal at the same time as newlyweds.

21 Dec the man and two of his accomplices were arrested. The police in India got in touch with Nepalese colleagues, and they said that in June found the body of some women. She’s been identified as Srivastava.

The surgeon confessed to police that he had met with his ex-wife allegedly in order to talk business, gave her a drink with sleeping pills and over the cliff. Singh took out her phone and a few months refreshed the page, the ex-wife in Facebook.

The man explained that he had killed her because she blackmailed him and demanded to give money and property.

We will remind as earlier it was reported, three of them pupils of one of schools of the Bolgradsky region of Odessa region took pornographic movie between two boys. Video posted on the social network. The criminal case is closed.