Ewan McGregor on the film “Christopher Robin”: “Children’s film, but not just for children”

Ewan McGregor on the film "Christopher Robin": "Children's film, but not just for children"
Ewan McGregor on the film “Christopher Robin”: “Children’s film, but not just for children”
In early August, the big screen in Ukraine will be released the film “Christopher Robin”. The premiere of the painting will take place thirty years after the release of the classic animated series “The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” based on the work of Alan Alexander Milne. The main role in the film – the matured Christopher Robin – was performed by Ewan McGregor. “Star Wars”, “On the Needle”, “I Love You, Philip Morris”, “Moulin Rouge” – one of the few films in which he was shot. Also in his career – the awards “Golden Globe” and BAFTA. About what it was like on the same platform with toy characters, about the features of the film, working with the director and colleagues – he told in an interview.

– How familiar are you with the characters that Alan Alexander Milne created?
– Of course, I remember his books. I read them when I was a little boy, I was very addicted to them. Later I read them to my children. I had a bear cub that looked like Winnie the Pooh … it was such an old-fashioned toy with legs and arms hinged. It was not a character from the book, but very similar to him. And when I was playing with our Winnie the Pooh, it reminded me of my bear cub.

– What attracted you to work on this role?
– I was fascinated by the script and really liked that Christopher Robin is a man of my age, and that Winnie the Pooh comes back to him during a difficult period in his life. It really touched me. Christopher Robin is the father of a daughter with whom they are not very close. He understands this and wants to improve the situation. And, of course, there is a feeling that the girl wants to get closer to her father, and there is something in this unity that really touched me in something like the father of girls.

– Tell us about the shooting process?
– The shooting looked very realistic – the streets of London turned into the streets of 1949. I starred in many historical films, and the danger with them is that it still can be seen when the film is shot. But there was no such feeling on these shootings – everything was very realistic! I think it’s thanks to a team of talented designers and costumers.

– How did you work with the director Mark Forster?
“Thanks to Mark and the people he chose to work on making the film, everything looked absolutely beautiful and realistic.

– Tell us about the actress Haley Atwell, who plays your wife in the film?
“I love Haley.” We did a few years ago in Woody Allen’s “Cassandra’s Dream” with Colin Farrell. It was very fun to work with her. So I was very happy when Mark told me that he wanted to invite her to this role.

– And how did you work with Bronte Carmichael, who plays your daughter Madeline?
– Bronte is charming … It was very natural and, again, very realistic. She is very nice when she plays, because she does it very sincerely. I do not know if it’s her first shooting in the film or not (her parents are also actors and wonderful people), but she did very, very well.

“What was it like working with a stuffed bear?”
– Directed by Marc Forster did an amazing thing – on the set were actors for the characters Pooh, Tiger, Kang, Eeyore. Real people stood behind each of them. The film would not be so spectacular, and the game would not be as realistic and good, if not these actors.

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