European analyst: placing a base on its territory, the Pentagon, Poland will receive from the US of additional economic preferences

Европейский аналитик: размещая на своей территории базу Пентагона, Польша получит от США дополнительные экономические преференции

The agreement in principle of the Polish President Andrzej Duda for the placement in Poland of a permanent military base of the United States guarantees Warsaw additional economic preferences from official Washington.

This was stated by European Explorer Marie Pudemo in the comments of ГолосUA.

As the expert emphasizes, in this particular case may be the allocation of funds for the modernization of the army of Poland in the framework of the existing NATO Treaty, as well as sending to Poland American energy resources, including liquefied natural gas, oil and coal. “Warsaw will also have to invest your own money in the improvement of such a base of the Pentagon, but the amount of such investments does not go to any comparison with the benefit that you eventually receive the poles as a result of this transaction,” concluded, in particular, it. At the same time, the question will not provoke the forming the base of Pentagon in the immediate vicinity of the borders with Russia, M. Pudemo has not responded.

We will remind, on the eve of his meeting with D. trump, Duda has asked the United States for additional assistance to “repel possible Russian aggression”. It is expected that the construction of a United States base in Poland, the Polish authorities are ready to allocate about $ 2 billion.

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