Eternal technology: “mazhoritarka” is a very good tool for elections – analyst

For the parliamentary elections in Ukraine will be new cut majority district.

The correspondent of ГолосUA Executive Director, said the AP Nikolai Volkov.

Before the parliamentary elections, majoritarian districts, of course, be cut – is the eternal technology, the analyst said.

“The issue of cutting majority districts is a matter of first dealing the cards. It is obvious that “cutting” the majority of the districts most profitable Bank”, – said N. VOLG.

The analyst added that currently there is a game, and most of all on this start can offer those who are affected by the structuring of the territory.

“There are many methods of cutting majority districts. So, the Northern neighbor (Russia. – Ed.) in the last election was practicing “radar” cutting the protest constituencies slaughtered loyal suburbs and rural areas.

“Undoubtedly, cutting majority districts for the parliamentary elections in Ukraine will be – and it’s not nonsense, it is not a crime, that is an old technology. “Mazhoritarka” don’t go anywhere, because it is a very beneficial tool” – summed N. VOLG.


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