Entrance in Russia shocked the polar bear (VIDEO)

Подъезд в России шокировал белого медведя (ВИДЕО)

In Russia, the Novaya Zemlya archipelago since the end of last year recorded the invasion of polar bears. The intruders filmed the locals, after which the rollers are publishing in social networks and on YouTube.

One such video was recorded as a polar bear wandered into the entrance on the New Earth in the Arkhangelsk region. But after a few seconds the animal decided to leave the “hot” place – and much faster than ever before went in there. In rossm actively joke on this video: supposedly, “the bear came to the entrance, saw the life of the Russians and ran away.”

As reported, on Saturday, February 9, in the Arkhangelsk region, the authorities introduced a state of emergency due to large concentrations of polar bears around settlements. It is clarified that the invasion of polar bears observed in the field for three months.

“In the area of p. Belushya Lip marked by the presence of 52 polar bears, encroaching into the territory of the settlement. There are cases of aggressive behavior of wild animals attacking people, penetration in homes and offices. Constantly in the village are from six to ten polar bears,” said Deputy head of administration of New Land Alexander Minaev.

Shooting the most aggressive individuals while prohibited. It is reported that a polar bear is the largest land predator on the planet, is under threat because of poaching and climate change.

It was a dramatic climate change and global warming are the reason that animals left the familiar habitats and went in search of food.

“If the natural production little or very difficult to produce (it happens more often in late autumn and winter), bears are starving and then in search of food, they flock to the coast, going to the settlements, polar stations and camps of the expeditions. Tend to attract them here food waste in landfills and cutting of marine animals and fish”, – is told on the website of the city district New Earth.