Engineer from Moldova creates multifunctional furniture

 Инженер из Молдовы создает многофункциональную мебель

Cot that turns into a bassinet, swing, and tent. This is a unique invention of our compatriot Igor Hincu. All furniture and toys are multifunctional.

“When we turn into the tent, take out the swings. Now we turned them into a Christmas tree,” said engineer Igor Hincu.

This invention brought the man a few medals and diplomas, both in Moldova and abroad. Another subject, which is proud of Igor is a Walker. Attaching them to the table, they turn into a high chair for feeding baby.

“That’s the way they are connected”, – said Igor Hincu.

All products are made from birch wood which are imported from Belarus.

“It is strong and durable, can withstand even me,” said Igor Hincu.

Last year the master had been on training courses in Italy. He took part in them in the framework of the project “Development of entrepreneurial skills of the Diaspora.”

“The handle looked very bad and did not fit. Here is a sample we’ve made it so. And the seat was massive, spoil the appearance of horses. We have reduced,” said engineer Igor Hincu.

In total, the project took part 40 of our compatriots, who previously worked abroad and then returned home and opened his own business.

“We want the experience that our fellow citizens receive in other countries, they applied to us. To provide quality social services, created in this field jobs.”

Organized courses this year. The project aims to involve the Diaspora in the economic activities of the country and to create jobs for people with disabilities and citizens from socially vulnerable families.