Engaged in questionable activities, have no permanent earnings: what citizens think about the income and Sandu Nastase

 Занимаются сомнительной деятельностью, не имеют постоянных заработков: что думают граждане о доходах Санду и Нэстасе

Engaged in questionable activities, have permanent earnings and use the accounts abroad. So look in the eyes of the inhabitants of the country the policy which has applied to the CEC Declaration of income without jobs.

Among those unemployed, including the leaders of the PDS and CPNP. Maia Sandu, according to her Declaration, had no income the last two years. Never been employed and Andrei Nastase.

“Some work, and a lot in the field, and they have no income and others don’t work, go here and there, and they have the income.”

“They USE money from abroad, instead give them to the villagers, to raise pensions to a normal level, so that the villagers live normally”.

“Maybe steal, maybe cheat on someone. It’s unfair, it’s bad. A politician must be honest. Otherwise, people will not believe him will be.”

“We have a policy that the Declaration on the income declare, what a few years do not receive official wages. What do you think, what money do they live? – At an informal”.

“Of course, illegal if they are unemployed, and live well. It is clear that they are unworthy of that cheating. People live poorly, and they are good.”

“We labor, and money. Will only collect for one purchase and have to think about something else. They are most likely stolen.”

“I think that the income from them impure. I think there is something else. Honest work dneg not earn so much”.