Elusive 2 : we spoke to magic and Harry Potter with Jesse Eisenberg ! (VIDEO)

Insaisissables 2 : on a parlé magie et Harry Potter avec Jesse Eisenberg ! (VIDEO)

Jesse Eisenberg is back in service as a illusionist of shock and charm in Elusive 2 (aired tonight on M6). We had the chance to meet the actor in London during the release of the film in 2016 to talk about magic. Check out our video interview !

“For an actor it is very fun to play this kind of character. We do not censor or fear of appearing too cheeky…”, says Jesse Eisenberg during an interview for the film Elusive 2, released in 2016 and aired tonight on the French channel M6. At 35 years old, the american actor goes on stage for the second time in this sequel to the surprise success Elusive, which had attracted more than 3 million French citizens in 2013. Illusions, spectacular towers, masks that fall… The famous Riders we reserve some of their most beautiful towers in this new part !

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“We went in a sort of training camp for magicians”, recalls the actor. Surrounded by the best magicians, and the impressive casting of the film (Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson…) trained tirelessly to master the many tricks. The best of the bunch ? Dave Franco is just phenomenal !”, we replied without hesitation Jesse Eisenberg. We also took the opportunity of this interview to talk about the new kid on the casting ofthe Elusive 2 : the former sorcerer glasses, Daniel Radcliffe. “I didn’t grow up with the films Harry Potter. When I met Daniel it was all new to me !”, confides the actor.

Victims of a magic trick that they didn’t see it coming and blackmail the Riders are going to have to, in this new opus, challenge themselves to regain their freedom. And even if Daniel Radcliffe is to the poster, not a matter of playing the stick in this film : “magicians that we are playing are more like post-modern, while the wand to one side traditional magic”. The message is passed, to get by, Jesse Eisenberg has already planned to you put eyes full !